Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to extend the life of your Black Soap

Being made of Natural ingredients, Black Soap tends to have a good concentration of glycerine. This makes it retain moisture/ water. This coupled to the fact that it is naturally soft will result in the soap washing away if left moist.

The best way to reduce this is to use a wire soap holder/ dish. or even better still ... wrap it in a Ziplock bag.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Producing the Lye.

Without Lye to react with the Palm (or Palm Kernel) oil there is no soap. In Black soap the lye is even more important as it is created from the most benificial ingredients - Plantain skins, Shea, Cocoa and water.

It's these ingredients that mainly benefit Psoriasis suferers and sooth Dry skin and eczema.

Firstly peel the plantains (A tip here: place the Plantains in warm water for 5 minutes before peeling - it helps with the peeling.). Slit the skin along their Length, avoiding the ridges. Make 4 or 5 cuts so that the skin can be removed in strips.

Save the flesh for some tasty snacks - recipe's to follow at a later date.

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