Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where do I find the ingredients for natural soap?

African Black Soap originates in West Africa, so stores that cater for this community are obvious sources.

A word of warning: Unfortunately there are widespread scams in these countries so make sure you have the correct product in your hands before parting with your money!!

The Palm oil you can also source from some Asian stores (Malysia is a major producer, but is somewhat tainted as a supplier because of their destruction of the forests to grow Palms for oil). You ideally want the unrefined or raw Red Palm oil
for Black Soap. The cost per Lt ranges from approximately R90/ lt for refined oil from Malaysia to approx R35 for unrefined Red Palm oil from Ghana.

Plantains are a little more common, and can be found in stores catering for Asians, Africans and South American foodstuffs. Plantains cost approx R35 for enough skin to produce 1 soap bar of good quality handmade Black Soap.

Shea butter is available from health stores, or even some supermarkets.

If you need any assistance in sourcing any of the materials please don't hesitate to contact me, using the Kontactr button. Please include contact details with the enquiery.