Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skincare in South Africa

We all know the dangers of staying in a country where we have sunshine throughout the year. The dangers of sunburn and Melanoma.

What is largely ignored are the effects of not applying an effective skincare regime and using the correct products. This we ussually only regret with the onset of age.

- Cleansers cleanse the skin of impurities and restore the natural oil balance. Liquid cleansers are available in the market for all skin types. A good cleanser deep cleanses, opens the pores, and removes excess oil and makeup. Cream based cleansers are good for dry skin. Black soap is an excelent cleanser; Using the soap it's best to create a good lather with your hands. Gently apply this to your face. After a few seconds rinse and dry ASAP.
- Refreshers complete the cleansing process. They tone, soothe and hydrate the skin and keep the complexion clear and clean. Astringents for oily and normal skin types, toners for normal and dry skin and fresheners are meant for dry sensitive or problem skin. Because of it's genle nature and natural ingredients black soap automatically refreshes the skin
- Moisturizers refuel your skin's moisture and nourish it. Moisturizers form a protective shield to minimize moisture evaporation and dehydration of dry area. They help restore skin's natural moisture balance. While oil control moisturizers control excess oil and prevent blemishes, emollients are creams for dry skin that replenish the natural supply of the skin's oil. Once again, the Plantain in the black soap is high in vitamin A and E to nourish, while the shea is an excelent moisturiser.
No wonder African black soap is gaining a following with people serious about skincare.


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So where can I get it