Saturday, November 17, 2012

Your African Black Soap in South Africa

African Black Soap in South Africa.

This is definitely good News Saturday!

After a year of erratic supply of African Black Soap to South Africa I've finally located a Ghanian supplier that shares my focus on customer service and quality of product.

We've got our first trial shipment on it's way - yes I kid you not! Tracking No RR 005314363GH!

I was told it should be here by 20th Nov - but this I think is overly optimistic. But I do believe by beginning December I'll be in a position to supply a trial quantity. 

New supplier of African Black soap to South Africa... and great new products!

I'll be offering a range of ABS: a "white" black soap (Without the cocoa), the ABS as we know it, and also the Rolls Royce of African Black Soap - Aloe Vera African Black Soap.

I'll also be offering original Shea Butter in the new year.

I'm importing a limited quantity of the 3 types of ABS, and preference will be given to customers that will take one of each type and give me comprehensive feedback on how effective the products are, as well as which they prefer. I believe this anecdotal information will be beneficial to the community that have rallied around the product.

In order that the trial reach an extended group, I'll be shipping the ABS in 50g quantities, at a discounted price, with the understanding that I receive the feedback(I'll mail a very easy form to guide you - so no need for Shakespearean writing skills).

To make sure you're on my mailing list to be notified when the trial arrives please go to the "Place your order" tab at the top of the page and fill out the "Kontactr form" - or you can drop me an email, or SMS.

Well that's it for now: The future of African Black Soap in South Africa looks rosy indeed. 

I'll be posting regular updates, so come back soon, or you can follow us on Facebook: (This website will be getting a complete makeover in the new year so that you have access to more great information)